IT Services

IT Security
We provide you leading-edge guidance and strategic advice through establishing and maintaining your information security program based on ISO / IEC 27001, defining security requirements, integrating information security requirements into organizational business processes, establishing risk management assessment based on standards (OCTAVE, EBIOS, CORAS), establishing business continuity planning, Penetration Testing Services.


Consultancy Services

Our ultimate objective is to help you define the best information technology strategy and ensure it is well aligned with your organizational goals. We provide you with consultancy services around COBIT and ISO standards in order to optimize IT investments, monitor your processes, utilize your infrastructure resources efficiently, secure your company’s assets and create value from IT-enabled investments.


IT Audit Services:
We provide :
– IT to diligence services when requested by investors to gain information on the information technology infrastructure of a company to be acquired. It includes the audit of the designated company’s IT organization, processes, and business-critical IT infrastructure and control environment.
– general and focused IT audits which are examinations based on standard processes, guidelines, and methodologies. They include the review of the IT security management and regulation, and of the general controls of the IT environment. We help our clients to identify and assess IT security risks and to develop a controlled environment which complies with local legislation and international standards as well.
– Physical security audits that consists of inspecting the client’s site, premises and existing physical security systems to identify shortfalls, vulnerabilities, threats and propose physical security countermeasures.